I love photographing trees, and never tire of it. Their inner life, below and above ground, is fascinating and profound, and I hope they may outlive us on this planet, though we are doing what we can to damage these beautiful beings.


What can I add?
An evening walk through Queens Wood is magical experience on a nice Summer evening. I try to get that light which gets lost on a colour image, with the colours crowding it out.
The light is kindest at evening, and harshest at noon. But the woodlands are forever alive, forever changing, inviting you in.
This woodlands reminds me of the short story by Kafka, about trees, and how misleading their image is. For a moment they look eternal, like nothing can shift them, but then it seems they may be easily uprooted, moved along the forest floor. Their eyes are wiser than ours.
The skeletal remains looks like sea flotsam, but they still remember their green youth and its strength and power.
Even when Saville Gardens are full of people, this bench at the periphery is waiting for you, as you have waited for it.