Palestine: 60 years of dispossession and resistance

Nakba Day events at the University of East London

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15 and 16 May 2008, Docklands Campus, UEL

On Nakba Day, 15 May, Palestinians mark events which resulted in mass displacement and exclusion. In 2008 it will be 60 years since a million people were compelled to leave their homes – most never returned.

You are invited to the Docklands Campus of the University of East London to join historians, social scientists and film-makers in discussion on the conflict of 1948, its outcomes and the implications for Palestinians and for Israeli society.

Thursday, May 15th



Welcome messages from PSC and PRC

14:10 Panel: Nakba: From Memory to struggle

Chair: Prof. Yosefa Loshitzky (University of East London)

Dr. Dina Matar (SOAS)
Memory as Struggle
Omar Barghouti (PACBI)
Ending the Nakba: Ethical De-Colonization of Historic Palestine
Prof. Haim Bresheeth (University of East London)
Two States, too little, too late: The next Stage

15:45 Panel: Zionism and Palestinian realities

Chair: Dr Peter Morey (University of East London)

Dr. Nur Massalha (SMC, University of Surrey)
The Politics of Denial
Prof. Moshe Machover (Kings Colleg, London)
Zionist Colonization in a Regional Context

17:00 Keynote Address

Chair: Dr. Amina Yaqin (SOAS)

Prof. Joseph Massad (Columbia University, New York)
Resisting the Nakba

18:15 Film Show:

1948 by Mohammad Bakri (Palestine, 1998, 90 Min)

Friday, 16 May

Introduced by Nizar Hassan (SC) and Eyal Sivan (UEL)

10:00 Ashes by Rim Issa (Palestine, 2007, 37 Min)

10:40 The Nakba Archives (Extracts, by Diana Allan and Mahmoud Zeidan)

11:15 Egteyah by Nizar Hassan (Palestine, 2003, 90 Mins)

13:00 Route 181 (Centre) by Michele Khleifi and Eyal Sivan (2003, France, 1 H 30 Min)

15:00 Panel: Nakba on Film, Chair Prof. Haim Bresheeth (UEL)

  • Nizar Hassan: The Nakba in my films
  • Haim Bresheeth: The Nakba in recent Palestinian films
  • Eyal Sivan: Cinematic Memory Holocaust and Nakba

18:00 A State of Danger by Haim Bresheeth and Jenny Morgan (UK, 1989, 30 Min)

18:30 Karm Abu Khalil by Nizar Hassan (Palestine, 2003, 90 Mins)

Organised by: Refugee Research Centre, UEL; Matrix East Research Lab, UEL; and Framing Muslims – an AHRC research programme. Entrance is free: you are strongly encouraged to book a place by contacting Phil Marfleet;; tel 020 8 223 7690.

Below you can see photographs of speakers in some of the sessions

Prof. Joseph Massad delivering the keynote address

Prof. Joseph Massad answering questions

Intervention by Phil Marfleet

Prof. Moshe Machover and Dr. Nur Masalha

Eyal Sivan and Prof. Haim Bresheeth