This page includes links to some of my political writing, mostly on the web, and some interviews.




In 2014

Interview by Vandad Alvandipour, in Siasatrooz Daily, Tehran, about the Israeli murderous attck on Gaza, started on July 8th, 2014

Interview for Dialogue magazine, Paris, on the current situation in Palestine, and the Israeli society

In 2008
British Jews: Don’t celebrate Israel’s 60th: Interview on Ynet followinga letter in the Guardian, signed by 105 Jewish academics, intellectuals and artists, in which we explain why we will not be celebrating Israel’s 60th birthday.

In 2007

Whose boycott is it anyway (English): 8-14 March. With Jewish intellectuals attacked as anti-Semitic by supporters of Israel, Israeli filmmaker and academic Haim Bresheeth* makes the case for a cultural boycott of his home country

Entonces ¿Qué boicot prefieres? (Spanish) Spanish version of the above

Israel es una sociedad patológica porque no puede mirarse al espejo (Spanish) July 4. Interview with the journal Dialog in El Escorial, at the One-State conference

Israeli Apartheid: Benjamin Pogrund believes Israel is being unfairly singled out. But a boycott is appropriate for a uniquely brutal society. Haim Bresheeth in Prospect Magazine (July 2007)
Maniacs With Nuclear Razors: 13-19 December. While the Western propaganda machine primes the public for war on Iran, it is Tel Aviv and Washington that author the worst atrocities, writes Haim Bresheeth

Tale omits tiger’s bloody passage from India (THES, June 29) British museums fail to acknowledge the true history of artefacts looted from abroad, says Haim Bresheeth

Why is debate ‘illegal’ ? (THES, October12) A letter to THES, questioning the rational behind UCU declaring the Boycott against Israeli universities as ‘illegal’

In 2006

Sad Reflections on Jewish Morality (English): 10-16 August. A chorus of apologists among Jewish intellectuals matches Israel’s erasure of all distinctions between humanity and barbarism in war, writes Haim Bresheeth

Sad Reflections on Jewish Morality (Japanese) Japanese version of the above

Sørgmodige refleksioner over jødisk moral (Danish) Danish version of the above

In 2005

Levez-vous et faites-vous connaître : d’autres dimensions du boycott: French version of the above

In 2004

Two states, too little too late (English): 11-17 March. In attempting to take it all by force, successive Israeli governments killed the two-state solution, leaving only the principled, just, democratic and counter-Zionist one-state solution left, writes Haim Bresheeth

Deux Etats : trop peu, trop tard (French) French version of the above

Democratised Brutality: 11-17 November. Lawless violence is equally abhorrent, whether conducted by dictators or elected representatives of the people, writes Haim Bresheeth

Fear in the Frame: 20-26 May. The Abu Ghraib images are an indication of the degree to which both Iraq and the occupying powers themselves have been brutalised by the invasion and occupation, writes Haim Bresheeth

Commandments, commanders and commandants: 2-8 December. In Israeli new speak Palestinians are “terminated”, not murdered, writes Haim Bresheeth

Sharon Willing Accomplices (English): 29 April – 5 May. Bush and Blair will share in the historic guilt Israel will bear for the crimes of Sharon, writes Haim Bresheeth

Sharon’s Willige Komplizen (German) German version of the above

Stand Up and Be Counted!: Resisting Israeli Apartheid: Strategies & Principles – speech at the December Palestine conference at SOAS.

In 2003

Less than Divine Intervention: 9-15 January. The lunatic United States-based IsraSpeak on Palestine permeates all aspects of American society and politics from the White House to Hollywood, writes Haim Bresheeth

Welcome to Tombstone!: 20-26 March. Just before the bombs strt falling on Iraq, Haim Bresheeth returns to another dark period of American history.

In 2002

J’accuse (English): 15-21 August. The occupiers and torturers of a whole nation have argued themselves into the position of victims. How, asks Haim Bresheeth

Israel: Yo acuso (Spanish) Spanish version of the above

The ghetto is calling : 2-8 May. Those who criticise the Palestinians for suicide attacks would do well to dwell on what it takes for a person to commit suicide in this way.

Operation Exploding Brocolli: 4 – 10 July. The first in the series of covert reporting from the Oval Room in White House. At Last you can learn what they are talking about! The uncensored report!

Operation Fat Chance: 26 Sept. – 2 October. Again, Bresheeth manages to get into the White House, grab the info, and come back to tell it all – unharmed! Read all about it in the second installment of this fly-on-the-wall reporting!

Who’s Eaten Dubya’s Porridge?: 24 – 30 October. Due to popular demand, Bresheeth has ventured again into the belly of the beast, only to return with shocking news about the leaders of the Western world!