Selected Invited Lectures

January 2010Two States: Too Little, Too Late, a lecture at Macerata University, Italy

May 2009Cultural Resistance in PalestineOpening Keynote at the Showroom, CinemaPalestino Sheffield Palestinian Film Festival. The lecture is in five parts, and can be viewed on this link.

January/February 2009 – A series of invited lectures in Japanese universities, at Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, under the title: Conflict Victims in the Cinema. This series of lectures, screenings and workshops was organised by the Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, as part of the Research and Educational Project for Middle East and Islamic Studies. The following events took place:

– Jan 30th: Screening of Refugees for life by Hadi Zaccak, with Prof. Haim Bresheeth as respondent, at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

– Feb 1st: Keynote by Haim Bresheeth: Holocaust and the Nakba in the Cinema, at the Kyoto University. A Japanese site coverage is here.

– Feb 3rd: Lecture by Haim Bresheeth: Two States – too little, too late, at the Osaka University, Toyonaka campus, Machikaneyama-Kaikan

– Feb 3rd: Screening of the film State of Danger, by Haim Bresheeth and Jenny Morgan (BBC2, 1989), at the Osaka University, Toyonaka campus, Machikaneyama-Kaikan

To see the programme, click here. To read Haim Bresheeth’s lecture in Kyoto University, use this link: The Continuity of Trauma and Struggle

To read Haim Bresheeth’s lecture in Osaka University, use this link: Two states Osaka lecture

November 2007The Time To Act Is Now, Keynote at the first Palestinian BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) conference at El Bireh, Ramallah, Palestine. Report on conference.

July 2007Projecting the Political: Documentary Film Practice, Plenary Panel Keynote at the Cultural Studies Now Conference, University of East London. To watch a clip of this talk, press here.

July 2007Presenting The Past With Some Help From The Future: New technology in the service of the 3rd millennium museum, Keynote at the EVA International Conference, London

May 2005 – Marking the Social Other by Blood: The Jew, Roma and Migrant in European Cinema, Annual Lecture of the Refugee Research Centre, University of East London.

November 2005 – invited lecture on Recent Israeli Cinema, at Cambridge University, St. John’s College, Cambridge, UK

November 2004 – invited presentation on Negotiating the Modern: Palestinian Cinema, Silence and Storytelling at the Tradition and the Modern symposium, part of the Modernity and Its Disciplines, AHRC programme, SOAS, LondonWebsite reference:

June 2004 – Inaugural Lecture: Marking the Cinematic other by blood: Hidden Features of the Vampire Genre, at the University of East London

February 2003 – invited lecture on The Media Wars – USA Vs the EU, at the School of Art and Design, Middlesex University, London,UK

May 2002The Golem, the Vampire and the Robot: Others and Strangers in European Cinema, Colloquium at the School of Cultural and Innovation Studies, University of East London,UK

March 2002 – invited lecture on Self and Other in Palestinian and Israeli Cinema, and screening of the film A State of Danger (Bresheeth, 1989, UK) St. John’s College, Cambridge, UK

March 2001 – a public lecture on Elasticity of Narrative Time: Time Travel in Science Fiction Cinema as part of a public lecture series organised by Emilia Peroni on Time: Psychoanalytical and Other Perspectives, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem,Israel

March 2001 – a public lecture on Who Represents, Who Is Represented – Israeli Public Broadcasting, at the conference Between Centre and Periphery: The Cultural, Economic and Social Inequalities and Their Meanings, organised by the Rabin Centre, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Jan 2001 – A public lecture and paper on Trends in Recent Palestinian Cinema, at the EmptyLand Film Festival, De Balie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Jan 2001 – Screening and discussion of State of Danger (Bresheeth, 1989) at the EmptyLand Film Festival, De Balie, Amsterdam,The Netherlands.

December 2000Utopia and Dystopia in Science Fiction Cinema, at the International Armageddon Festival, Jerusalem and Megiddo, Israel

November 2000 The Media Wars – USA Vs the EU, at the Vienna on Film conference, Ben Gurion University, Israel

September 2000The Manufactured Present and the Myth as Truth: History, Myth and Locus in Some Films by Pasolini, at the A Bridge Over the Mediterranean: History and Cinema around the Mediterranean, an international seminar, Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem, Israel

September 2000Woman and Women in Science Fiction Cinema, at the 2nd Science Fiction Festival, Tel Aviv Cinematheque, Tel Aviv, Israel

May 2000Home and Exile in Palestinian Cinema, at the Tel Aviv Biannual Cinema Studies International Colloquium, Tel Aviv University, Israel

March 2000Home and Exile in Palestinian Cinema, at the International Seminar on Film and Media in the Middle East, organised by the Cultural Disorder Project of the Department of Media Studies at Bergen University, in cooperation with the journal Framework, the Bergen Cinematheque and Bergen European City of Culture 2000,Bergen, Norway.

May 1998 – Presentation of the film A State of Danger at a day symposium at Ben Gurion University on Documentary Practices, IsraelApril 1992 – A State of Danger (film showing and discussion), University of Massachusetts