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Periodical articles

A large number of articles in Hebrew (Ha’aretz daily Broadsheet, Tel Aviv) and English (Al Ahram Weekly, Cairo). For examples of articles in English, please check into the Al Ahram site. Some examples:

In 2002

J’accuse (English)

Israel: Yo acuso (Spanish)

The ghetto is calling

Operation fat chance

Operation exploding broccoli

Countdown to chaos

Who’s eaten Dubya’s porridge?

In 2003

Less than Divine Intervention

Welcome to Tombstone!

In 2004

Two states, too little too late (English)

Deux Etats : trop peu, trop tard (French)

Democratised Brutality

Fear in the Frame

Resisting Israeli Apartheid: Strategies & Principles

Commandments, commanders and commandants

Sharon’s Willige Komplizen (German)

Sharon Willing Accomplices (English)

In 2005

Levez-vous et faites-vous connaître : d’autres dimensions du boycott

In 2006

Sad Reflections on Jewish Morality (English)

Sad Reflections on Jewish Morality (Japanese)

Sørgmodige refleksioner over jødisk moral (Danish)

In 2007

Whose boycott is it anyway (English)

Entonces ¿Qué boicot prefieres? (Spanish)

Israel es una sociedad patológica porque no puede mirarse al espejo

Maniacs With Nuclear Razors

Israel’s Apartheid (Prospect Magazine, July 2007)

Tale omits tiger’s bloody passage from India (THES, June 29, 2007)

Why is debate ‘illegal’? (THES, October 12, 2007)


Bresheeth, H. Public Broadcasting in Israel, (Hebrew), commissioned and published by the Ministry of Science and Culture, October 2000, Tel Aviv, Israel. A comprehensive report on the state of Public Broadcasting in Israel, and outlining the necessary changes required in order to modernise the system. Chair of Public Commission and author of the report.