The photographs on this page have been sent to me by my good friend Avner Faingulernt, who lives few miles from Gaza, on the Israeli side. Obviously most were taken by local residents, though I do not their names. The photos speak for themselves, and are unfortunately extremely disturbing. This is the kind of image seen by many in the Arab world, through Al Jazeera, and censored by the media barons in the west, and obviously in Israel. Would it make a difference if they were shown in Israel, together with the Al Jazeera footage? I do not for a moment believe so. Most Israelis have set their mind to the auto-pilot setting of war times, and no amout of information will change it. If you do not think so, read the despicable interview with that famed man of conscience, Amos Oz, here (it is way down the page, under Latest News, among the items from Ha’aretz) But such images may indeed have an effect on people outside Israel, and hopefully in the Arab countries such as Egypt, which have shamefully collaborated in this murder, and now refuse to vacate critical patients out of Gaza, or to let in medicines and food. May they be cursed together with Israel, as the inhuman regimes that they are. Please be warned the the pictures are especially shocking, but remeber also that this what people in Gaza see and endure for the last four days. Do what you can to stop the carnage – demonstrate, write, distribute and publish information, boycott all israeli products and activities, DO NOT VISIT ISRAEL as a tourist, and donate to the medical charities which are doing an impossible job to save lives.

This is what Israel is doing! Let it never be forgotten!

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