Ron Prossor chickens out!

Late last night, a large number of us recieved the email below, announcing a planned talk by the Israeli ambassador to the Limud Conference at Warwick.

We’ve learnt that Ron Prosor, the Israeli Ambassador to the UK, will be speaking on Warwick Campus tomorrow Wednesday 31st of October at midday – 12NOON, as part of the Limmud conference. We are congregating by the Temporary Students Union which is a huge white building next to Car Park Seven. There will be signs to Car Park Seven all over campus.

Clearly this is very short notice – it’s been kept under wraps as far as we can tell. We are organising a last minute Emergency Protest at the university and could really use your support!! The times may change as the news has now been leaked, but if most people could get there about 10 or 11, it would be really positive.

If you can make it along to protest, then please do, it’s really important to have a presence, given the current situation. Please
contact other members and pass along to friends. There’s a map here:

The conference is apparently in the Temporary Event Structure (TES) or SU. This isn’t shown on the map but it’s in the field in front of Jack Martin Halls (#27 on the map). It’s huge, you can’t miss it. That is where we’r congregating, as close as possible.

Emails have started flying, a counter demonstration was quickly organised, and by lunchtime today, it was announced that Mr. Prossor has changed his plans, and no longer plans to speak at the conference!

Thanks to all who organised so quickly to face the voice of the murderers!

They shall not be heard!

The fiasco set in motion by Jiri Potuznik

Spokesperson of the Czech Republic President, Mr. Jiri Potuznik resigns after he calls Israel’s action ‘defensive’

See Haim Bresheeth’s letter demanding his resignation, and his answer that he has indeed resigned! the-spokesperson-of-the-eu-current-president

Official EU Presidency Statement concerning the situation in the Middle East: EU 2009

The only official standpoint of the Czech EU Presidency concerning the actions of the Israeli ground forces in the Gaza Strip.
I would like to apologise for the misunderstanding which occurred on 3 January 2009 about the reaction of the Czech Presidency to the actions of the Israeli ground forces in the Gaza Strip according to which the operations were seen as an act of self-defence. The only official standpoint of the Czech Presidency is the following:
“It is not surprising that the Israeli forces have launched land operations in the Gaza Strip. There were indications that Israel had been considering this step. But even the undisputable right of the state to defend itself does not allow actions which largely affect civilians. We call for the facilitation of humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, and in accordance with the position agreed by the EU Foreign Ministers in Paris on the 30th December 2008 we call for the establishment of a ceasefire.”

Jiří F. Potužník

He seems to have changed his mind about resigning…

EU President Czech Republic: Israeli ground incursion defensive, not offensive action: Ynet

Europe backs IDF incursion
EU President Czech Republic: Israeli ground incursion defensive, not offensive action. European Union president, the Czech Republic, said on Saturday an Israeli ground incursion in Gaza was “defensive, not offensive” action.
“At the moment, from the perspective of the last days, we understand this step as a defensive, not offensive, action,” Czech EU presidency spokesman Jiri Potuznik said.
Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg is leading an EU delegation to the region on Sunday, and Potuznik said the presidency will wait to see the results of that visit.
However, France condemned Israel’s move to send ground forces into Gaza.
“France condemns the Israeli ground offensive against Gaza as it condemns the continuation of rocket firing,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
“This dangerous military escalation complicates efforts by the international community and in particular the European Union and France, the members of the Quartet and the states in the region to end the fighting, bring immediate aid to civilians and reach a permanent ceasefire,” the statement said.
‘Luxury of telling the truth’
The Czech Republic already defended Israel’s strikes against Hamas last week. At the time, Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg said Israel had the right to defend itself.