The Boat DignityGaza Boat trip on the Dignity by Bricup members

Two short clips which I have made, interviewing Prof. Jonathan Rosenhead and Mr. Mike Cushman, both from LSE and UCU and BRICUP members, who have sailed to Gaza aboard the boat Dignity as part of the Free Gaza campaign, in order to bring out Gazan students stuck there because of the illegal Israeli blockade; hundreds of students, with valid visas and accepted to universities abroad, have been prevented from leaving Gaza. On this sailing of the small boat Dignity, tons of medical supplies were delivered to hospitals, and 11 students were brought out of Gaza by the delegation. The film is an interview with both BRICUP members on their return, about 19 minutes long, in two parts, and can be viewed on YouTube:

Part 1

Part 2

All Photos below by Mike Cushman

israeli spy towers above Gaza Everywhere in Palestine, one can see the towering ‘security constructions of Militarized Israel, policing and controlling from above, directing fire, missiles, bombs and helicopters, all carrying out death and destruction in dense civilian population centres.
A Palestinian child in Shifa hospital, Gaza Gaza hospitals have been denied medicines, food, electricity, fuel, water and spare parts for almost four years now, with at times a total blockade. Obviously, many patients are dying, and the physicians are helpless and unable to help. In Gaza, where almost two million people live in the most degrading conditions, there are no medical treatments for cancer available now, of any kind.
Gaza port destroyed The Gaza port was a great white hope – Gaza is cut off from the rest of Palestine, and the fishing industry was crucial for the economy. The Israelis have brutally destroyed anything standing, and have made sure no fishing boats are allowed to leave.
Housing project in Gaza destroyed by Israeli bombing In the wake of the Peace Accords in 1993, many housing developments were started in Gaza, providing much-needed accommodation. The Israelis soon put a stop to this building boom, and most of the new housing was made inhabitable by bombing.
Gaza airport destroyed by Israeli bombing The EU has paid many millions of euros, financing what was to be Gaza main link with the rest of the world, as well as with the rest of Palestine. In an act of unprecedented Vengeance, totally unjustified in order to disable an airport, everything was destroyed by Israeli bombing and artillery.
destruction in the Gaza airport Around the airport, hundreds of houses and other buildings were flattened, as well as along the border with Egypt, where a huge area was totally wiped out, leaving tens of thousands homeless and destitute.